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Pinewood Derby Cars Ready to Race Run

Ready to race pinewood derby cars. No additional work needed. I break the cars into 3 separate build categories. Each with a succession in minimum speed requirements. I am to date the only builder that does a minimum standard for a price point. ALL cars are GRAPHITE-DRY LUBE. I do not make oil-based cars. All my data and build techniques are designed for dry lube process. THERE are MAJOR differences

Warp speed cars are some times considered outlaw cars. They are made with lighter wheels. Because of this build modification, I categorize them as a separate type of car. Many models to choose from. 3 separate speeds in this category. Feedback to date Warp 2 and Warp 3 have won many districts without ever losing a race. Most setting track records.

1.180" cars are usually 99.9% legal for all packs. However there is that SLIGHT chance that it is not (3/4 wheel riding) . Be sure to check your rules. Many models to choose from. 1 price, no haggle 1 speed std in this category. If the car doesn't make the cut, it doesn't go out the door. Most in this speed range place in pack (if not win) and usually place in district. I can't guarantee, but just giving factual data.

Upgrade Series reduced wheel weight are fast cars. Many packs allow these type of wheels, If your pack does, I highly suggest that you do this. These cars run car lengths ahead of the others. Wheel weight does matter. There is no arguing this.

We build roughly 200 cars a year and with 600,000 scouters annually, our builds represent a small fraction of the field. We can only go with what feedback is provided to me. Check our Ebay Feedback for exact quotes

BSA Warp Speed Cars Outalw / Fastest
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Upgrade Series
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BSA 1.180" Factory Diameter Wheel Cars
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All Four Wheels Four Wheel Rider
All Four Wheels Four Wheel Rider
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Lexx's Custom One of a Kind Cars
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Awan A. Club Grand PRIX Pinewood derby Cars
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