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Pinewood Derby Car BSA Axles (4x) (axles only)

Pinewood Derby Car BSA Axles (4x) (axles only)
Pinewood derby Speed Axle 60000 grit oil Pinewood derby Speed axle polish comparison

Axles go through a variety of processes: I use a special file for this set, so that I do not reduce the diameter of the shaft during the deburring and shaping process. It matters! Check out pine wood derby physics on google to get the whole scoop. Educate yourself prior to purchasing. There is an entire college course dedicated to the design of pinewood derby cars! 1. Burrs are removed via lathe. 90 degree head formed. 2. Axle is straightened using Derby Worx Pro Axle Press 3. Head of the axle is shaped with a slight taper to reduce friction. 4. Multiple wet sanding stages. Ensuring proper cleaning of axle between each stage of grit. Reccomendation for DRY LUBE GRAPHITE AXLES is 2000 grit. This data is current as of APRIL 2013. 5. Oil Prepped axles are lapped with 10 micron, 5 micron, 2.5 micron, 0.5 micron (60,000 grit) to bring a mirror finish using 4 separate buffing plates to ensure absolute polishing finishes. No Cross contamination here just to save a few bucks. I have buffing machines now dedicated to these wheels for the winter. Graphite Can be run at this polish level. I do not have data that shows it is an improvement or not. Don't forget to run your car through break-in process before racing!

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Would you like a 1.5° steering axle?
Pre-Bent Axles to run wheels on Negative Canter?
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