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Pinewood derby Speed Modified Wheel Set (wheels only)

Pinewood derby Speed Modified Wheel Set (wheels only)
pinewood derby speed wheel pinewood derby speed wheel pinewood derby speed wheel


These are the new mold sets.  Lighter, faster!


1.      First thing is first.  I make sure the axle hole is universal.  I do this by boring the inner hub to an exact tolerance---0.096”.   I do this as an added level of detail just in case one of the wheels shrank as the mold cooled down.  Wait an exact mold match still has flaws?  YES!!!!




2.      Next step is to lathe all 4 wheels.   Because lathe is computer controlled, I have infinite feed rate control.  Not mechanical feed rate.  What this means to you is that I can perfectly match the feed rate to the RPM rate of the lathe to the plastic being turned.  This means perfect cuts!  Not  sanded plastic.  After the four wheels are in place for machining, I can machine all four wheels to a matching tolerance.   My machines can do adjustments of 0.0005” at a time.  These wheels are a match from the hub out.  This allows all the wheels I make to stay BSA legal because they still show tread.


3.  BSA took care of the rest!  Coned inner hub that is recessed to keep friction at a minimum.  Two step outer hub to keep surface contact at a min. 


If all the wheels have the same inner diameter after step 1 and after step 3 they have all the same outer diameter and balanced, then you have exact “machined” wheel set no matter what mold they come from.  If all four wheels are an exact match, you can ensure that you will have a faster car because all the wheels will travel the same distance at the same rate.  This will reduce “hopping” and “fishtailing”.   If one wheel is slightly larger than the other, then the distribution of the load is not even.   It might be insignificant if one wheel is bigger or smaller, but what if all four wheels are different sizes?  It might be the difference between placing and finishing fourth.


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Mold Matched Wheel Set
Visually inspected Flawless Bore
Would you like your wheels to be polished and prepped for racing? Outer and Inner bore polishing
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