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Pinewood Derby Tuning Service

Pinewood Derby Tuning Service

I now offer in season tuning service.  It is no longer a charity fulfillment.  I am going to offer this service during Pinewood Derby Season.  Thus it will reflect in costs as it is taking away from production time.   Tuning costs starts at $60 which includes polishing axles, wheels, and getting the car tuned to the top performance based on wheel weight. This is the start to all tuning.  If you have done it already, it will get done again.  Extra costs may incur if you would like upgrades.

If I can't get the car to run to my minimum standards, then I will email you recommendations and suggestions, i.e. wheel and axle replacement, etc. Some cars are not fixable.  But majority of the time, I make it work.  Please understand that. Cars will be tuned on treadmill, then raced on our test track.  Video will be provided of both pre and post results. If you car already meets what we think is the proper speed for the wheel set, we will simply return the car.   (SEE Detailed Images for Speed Chart)

If you can not have camber wheels meaning your axles can not be bent, then my services are not needed.  You basically have to plug and play with what you have.  There is no tuning that can be done. 

If you glued in your axles, or drilled your own axle holes there will be a minimum charge of $125 to work on your car. It will cover the above services. Yes it is that big of pain and takes up way too much time as axles have to be extracted. slots filled in with compound, redrilled to accept new axles, or I have to start making custom bends on axles. Please do not TRY and RIP us off.  We DO NOT do that to you, so don't try and pull a fast one on us.   If you send us a car with glued axles or your own drilled axle holes, and do not pay for the fee, we will hold your car until that fee is paid, or simply return it. I can tell if you drilled your own.  I have done that many cars.  I will simply stick a straight axle in your hole and look at it.  Its pretty easy. 

Weight--Sometimes we forget an important step in building a pinewood derby car.  I need to adjust weight.  By addressing choosing this option, you give me permission to adjust weight which usually means drilling or milling the underside of your car in order to maximize your car's potential.  I will cover whatever I drill /mill with foil tape used in the heating and air conditioning industry which can be found at every hardware store.  Choice is yours.  You can adjust it yourself, or let me adjust it. 

After your tuning is complete, we will run your car through a break-in process to simulate around 300 races. Graphite will be provided for your race day.

For those that love their paint job more than they care about how their car runs, if I have to accommodate this, there will be a $50 charge as well.  When I have to take extra time to wrap things up so I don't get it dirty, it becomes a hassle.  I do not like hassles.  So if you want your car super clean, make sure to put 10 coats of clear coat on it so the graphite will wipe off. Or pay the fee to keep it super clean.  You can see my YouTube videos to see what my tuned cars look like. 

If you are in a hurry, meaning you have less than a weeks turn around to get your car, there will be an additional $100 hassle charge to tune your car.  This will put you to ahead of the line and you buy your way to the front of the line just like all profit making amusement park.  So $100 hassle charge plus $125 glue axle job = $225 car plus shipping back to you. YES I AM DEAD SERIOUS.  Your emergency that now becomes my crisis will cost you more. If I am not going to sleep, I am going to get paid for not sleeping. I would ask that you pay for FED EX Shipping as they have a better track record of getting things back to you on time rather than the postal service.  Please contact me regarding this prior to paying for tuning service

4 wheel cars can only obtain tier 2 speeds with regular wheel set for this price point. Tier 1 cars will run additoinal costs as reflected.

IT IS BEST practice to send me your rules with your car.  There is no one set rule in PWD.  Every pack is different.  I will not be liable for a DQ car if you fail to provide me your rules.  If I have to wait for your rules to arrive via email requests, the time is ticking and it could cost you more funds.  I run a very streamiled shop as this is my second job.   I do not like surpirses.

How are your axles installed?
Would you like your car to run on 3 or 4 wheels?
What type of wheels do you have will determine speed
Please take Extra Special Great Care not to get my paint job dirty
I give permission to have Shopvelox adjust weight.
How soon do you need it?
Whens your Derby Date
Special requests / Considerations?
Our price: $60.00
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